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The Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas of Guinea-Bissau is responsible for the conservation of sea turtles in Guinea-Bissau, through the Department of Biodiversity Monitoring and  Conservation, and through the management of Protected Areas.

The IBAP has an integrated conservation approach, to achieve biodiversity protection and sustainable use of resources by local communities. Conservation actions include protection of critical habitats for sea turtle nesting and foraging, marine surveillance for illegal activities, Marine Protected Areas' board meetings, development of Marine Turtle Action Plans, ratification of international conventions (CITES, CMS), and collaboration with national and international partners.

Currently, the main breeding sites for marine turtles are in Guinea-Bissau are patrolled during the breeding season, and developmental sites for immature green turtles are also being monitored twice a year.


Participatory marine surveillance is conducted at the National Park of Orango and at the João-Vieira Poilão Marine National Park, with the participation of local communities and State structures.


In 2019 a ‘pilot’ hatchery was built, to start transferring doomed clutches (threatened by flooding or coastal erosion), at this hatchery hatching success and incubation temperature is being monitored to assess its performance.

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