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To ensure sustainability of sea turtle conservation in Guinea-Bissau, the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas (IBAP) has partnered up with national and international NGOs – Palmeirinha and Programa Tatô - to develop a comprehensive communication strategy, involving raising awareness of local stakeholders, general public, student community and decision makers.

Some activities developed include the ‘cinema-debate’, in which movies on sea turtle conservation are shown in local villages and main messages are debated; an exhibition on sea turtles’ life-cycle, threats, conservation and research is touring in Guinea-Bissau; and a national awareness campaign 'Nô Okinka di Mar' - "Sea Turtle - Our Queen of the Sea" was released on the world sea turtle day (16 of June), and celebrated with a student parade, with the participation of 120 children from six schools of Bissau.

To further communicate the activities of the IBAP a series of micro-movies on sea turtle conservation were created, and a book on the João Vieira-Poilão Marine National Park will shortly be published.