Address: Av. Dom Settimio Arturro Ferrazzetta, CP 70, Bissau, Guiné-Bissau


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Aissa Regalla 

Coordenator of the Departament of Monitoring of Species and Habitats


Castro Barbosa

Focal Point for sea turtles in Guinea-Bissau


Partners in sea turtle conservation

National institutions:

Universities and Research Institutes:







International institutions:


​Environmental house (Casa do Ambiente) of the Biosphere Reserve of the Bolama / Bijagós Archipelago:

With headquarters in Bubaque Island, this house is coordinated within the IBAP and provides logistical support, centralization of information, support for communication and capitalization of research results.

Management Councils of the National Marine Park João Vieira - Poilão  and the Orango National Park Management: 

The Management Council is the deliberative and consultative body of the Parks, bringing together their respective Directors, representatives of the local authorities, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Fisheries and Environment, research institutions, Port Authority, NGOs and tour operators. It is an important framework for appropriate information and consultation on the management measures recommended in the light of the results of the Project.

The Local communities:

The local communities from the islands of Canhabaque, Unhocomo, Unhocomozinho, from the Orango National Park and from the sub-section of Varela, are beneficiaries of sea turtle conservation projects in Guinea-Bissau. In the context of participatory research, communities are called to participate in field actions, being involved in different stages and activities, contributing to their knowledge of the environment and, on the other hand, becoming aware of the reason for the activities and their implications for the your community.




ONG Palmeirinha
Applied Research Centre for Fisheries
Cabinet of Coastal Planning
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MAVA - Fondation pour la Nature
The Rufford Foundation
Programa Tatô
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Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
ISPA - Instituto Universitário
ISPA - Instituto Universitário - Ciências Psicológicas, Sociais e da Vida
University of Exeter
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