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Successful Sea Turtle workshop

In March 28 the IBAP, the ISPA - Instituto Universitário and the Associação de Tartarugas Marinhas de Varela held a workshop on sea turtle conservation at Varela, Guinea-Bissau.

Of the 36 participants most of them were involved in monitoring and protecting sea turtle nesting activities during the 2018 nesting season in the region of Varela, a project funded by the Rufford Foundation. Additionally we had the presence of other important stakeholders, namely the national coast guard, fishers representatives and villages representatives.

Participants sea turtle workshop

The future for the conservation of marine turtles in the region was discussed, and plans were made for the 2019 nesting season. This year besides working at the nesting beach there will be a stronger focus on awareness raising, several meetings will be held at schools and at the seven local villages and women will be enrolled in the Associação de Tartarugas Marinhas de Varela and will actively engage in education and outreach activities.


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